Understanding Direct Manipulation and Representations

Our first Principle is Direct Manipulation.

A sketch of a dual knob system for shower
Example of the dual knob shower.

Our Second Principle is World in Miniature

A car seat adjusting physical interface designed to look like a car seat.
A bad representation of Railway coach seats with no world in miniature design
A world in miniature representation of Railway coach seats

Our Third one is Distributed Cognition

Author/Copyright holder: Jorge Gonzalez. Copyright terms and licence: CC BY-SA 2.0
A bad design which doesn't specify which field is wrong.
A good design which specifies which field is wrong and why.




UI/UX Designer. AR/VR Enthusiast. Otaku.

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Jehad Mohamed

Jehad Mohamed

UI/UX Designer. AR/VR Enthusiast. Otaku.

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